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New Android/iPad/iPhone/facebook casual/puzzle games CandySwipe® and CandySwipe® FREE
One of the best free Android/iPhone/facebook games for 2014!
Now play CandySwipe online via facebook!

android game app candyswipe New Feature! Friends Mode:
When Friends Mode is on, your scores are posted to the CandySwipe servers. You can choose to view friends scores and have them view yours.

At the end of each game, you will see your friends names/scores along side yours ONLY for the specific difficulty level you're playing.
(so someone playing TOO EASY won't beat your NORMAL level score)

You can view ALL difficulty level scores of you and your friends in Friends Mode by simply clicking "View All Scores".

Free version and Paid versions CANNOT compete against each other because the scoring model is different for both versions of the game.
For example: the highest possible score in the paid version is 50,000 and it's only 25,000 in the free version.

Your username and password are automatically stored in your phone. If you upgrade your phone, simply enter your original username and password to get access to your scores and friends.

Recent Press:
"Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the newest Bejeweled! This is Candy Swipe. I played it on my Android phone, and it is just as addictive as candy.
The goal of the game is to swipe along areas of candy with two or more pieces, and make the rows disappear. The faster you can do it, the longer you get to play the game.
You can get a log of candy in a swipe, and you can go up down, left, right, diagonally, and even go back on yourself. That ice cream is one that you can mix with the gingerbread men, mints, candy corn, cherries, and other sweets that you will swipe.
I found a free version of the game on the Android Marketplace, but there is $1.99 ad-free version available there as well. I am serious in saying that it is the next Bejeweled, but not the next Angry Birds. I don’t think anything will beat that."


How to play CandySwipe:
Swipe as much candy as you can to remove candy pieces for points! Swipe your finger across matching pieces either up/down, left/right, or even diagonally. The object of the game is to collect as many pieces as you can in a single swipe without touching non matching pieces. This collects you points and more time. They key is to keep your time level high enough to continue playing.

You can even go back for missed pieces during your swipe as long as your finger doesn’t leave the screen and you don’t touch any other non-matching pieces along the way.

You start with 100 seconds which is the max time you are allowed (these seconds count down faster after reaching higher levels)

There are 20 levels. You will reach a new level every 2,500 points. You will receive 20-30 seconds of more time when you reach each new level.

Your score is calculated by the number of pieces swiped multiplied by itself. For example, if you swipe 2 pieces you will receive 4 points, if you swipe 4 pieces, you will receive 16 points. So if you swipe 9 pieces 9x9=81, and so on. So the maximum potential score you could receive in a single swipe would be 49X49X2 = 4,802 that’s every piece on the board with gumballs.

Gumballs are wild, and double your current swipe score.

Your difficulty level dictates how much time is added when you swipe. For example:

- adds 1 second for every 25 points acquired in a single swipe.(Swiping 5 will add 1 second)
Too Easy - adds 1 second for every 9 points acquired in a single swipe. (Swiping 3 will add 1 second)
Hard - adds 1 second for every 64 points acquired in a single swipe. (Swiping 8 will add 1 second)
Under Pressure - is the same as normal but you start with 20 seconds.

Swiping 10 pieces in normal mode will land you 100 points and 4 seconds added to your clock.

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